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Did you know that there was over $500 million dollars of consumer loss for data breaches in 2023? (According to the 2023 IC3 annual report.)  

One way cybercriminals can gain access to accounts during a data breach is by using credential stuffing attacks. Credential stuffing or stealing attacks use stolen usernames and passwords to attempt to take over a user’s account. This process is repeated over and over while cybercriminals try to find a successful match in order to takeover an account.    

Process of a credential stuffing attack 
Process of attackers get compromised logins then automated systems test stolen data then successful pairs of usernames and passwords are tried to gain access to multiple systems and then cybercriminals obtain account access and confidential information
Red flags 
  • Watch for any type of suspicious login activity 
  • Notice any unusual account lockouts 
  • Receive multiple authentication attempts to approve a device when you are not trying to access the account 
How to minimize risk 
  • Never reuse the same password 
  • Use multi-factor authentication 
  • Use a password manager 
Potential business implications 
  • Financial loss 
  • Organization's reputation damage 
Credential Stuffing Attacks in the News 



Reporting Crimes 

Report all crimes to your local police department and to the following agencies:

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