Jul 1, 2021 8:17:06 AM / by LaScala.Gregory

If the last year has shown us one thing, it’s that technology continues to transform how businesses operate. In a published report on the State of IT, among all businesses, 64% enabled remote workforce in 2020 and more than half of all those companies plan to retain a flexible workforce. Technology investments continue to grow as part of organizational infrastructure and it’s important as a technology company that we maintain a leadership role in the industry by constantly managing our own innovation.

When I started LaScala 11 years ago, the goal was to provide the best IT services for my clients.  Having been on the other side of the desk, I knew that there were better ways to provide Managed Services. We’ve been fortunate to partner with some great organizations over the years and LaScala has grown more than I could have anticipated. Of course, with growth comes a lot of change.


So, what is changing?

Mostly just our name and identity. We will now be known as “LaScala”, a managed services provider. We’ve dropped the “IT” at the end since we’re so much more than just IT. We’ve updated our logo to reflect that change. Soon, you’ll begin seeing subtle differences as our new identity is rolled out. For example, the LaScala shield will replace the current orange with white bars taskbar icon.

It is time to present our cohesive approach to “Managed IT” and “Managed Security” services. These services are managed and maintained by two distinct departments within LaScala. Managed IT is responsible for daily operations and keeping productivity at its highest possible level. Managed Security is responsible for security operations by utilizing incident detection and response technologies, vulnerability management, application security, penetration testing and much more. The combination of Managed IT & Managed Security Services demonstrates the highest level of our commitment and value to our clients.

What isn’t changing is our ongoing commitment to provide the best technical and security expertise to keep your business protected and running smoothly.

If you’re not already on board with our Managed Security Services, contact your Account Manager, or reach out to LaScala today for more information.